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Ceiling Problems
We offer a free inspection and quote to repair damaged ceilings.
Since most ceilings these days are insulated, it can be expensive to replace them.

We will refix your ceilings back and set all cracks, hollow joins etc and ready to paint in days.

Call or email me with your problem, we will be happy to help you at a very reasonable and affordable cost.

We keep our costs low to keep our men busy, so we need your work to keep costs down for everyone and keep our men happy !

CALL US today on 0417 750 663 ask for Albert  Or
Are you painting your ceilings some time soon ??
BEFORE you do, please take note of this offer.
Have you noticed ‘shadow ‘ lines across your ceiling and visible cracks ?
Older homes (20 years plus) often have heavier, thicker sheets fixed to the ceiling. This weight plus the summer heat dries out the glue and seperates the ceiling from the timber, causing ‘bowing’ and cracking, shadow lines, nails popping etc
Once the ceiling has ‘bowed’ too much, it is too late to fix and must be replaced
AVOID this costly work by having your ceilings re-screwed while they are still reasonably flat BEFORE you      paint them !
Shadow lines show on the ceiling when the panels drop.
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